Delta Family Center
Health and Fitness Center for Children Inc.
About Us

Vision Statement

The vision of DFC is to instill confidence and health while providing love and care to each child and their family.  It is the program's intention to improve the cleint's ability to function and utilize these external resources whenever possible and have them leave DFC with life skills that will allow them to be successful in their daily endeavors.

Delta Family Center's philosophy in treatment is guided by the belief that human beings need hope to overcome mental illness.  DFC offers the state of the art comprehensive residential care that addresses the physical, sociological, and spiritual needs of children. 

Hope is an act of expectation of good things in the future

The program is designed to inspire in those who actively participate a desire for total health and expectation for continued wellness.   In this context, however, hope is a vain expectation unless it is experienced in a relationship with others that are available to facilitate the realization of the desired improvement or achievement.  Therefore,  hope must in some way be an act of community whether it be family, church, nation, or just two people or a small group motivating each other to achieve improvement.